Our products are ranging from general surgery also encompassing all major specialist disciplines and sterilizing containers to any kind of custom made items. Each product is clearly listed in a continuous numerical catalogue number system. All products are subdivided to the function or use of them.

The AS Medizintechnik PRODUCT-FINDER is designed to facilitate your day-to-day work.

You will find all the product information you require. Moreover, you can additionally generate inquiries from the system and you are able to print out pictures and descriptions of each item.

To guarantee universal use, 5 different search options are available:

  • Catalogue number (e.g. 12-000-14)
  • Product groups (e.g. TC Scheren)
  • Product description (e.g. Container)
  • Author (e.g. De Bakey)
  • Reference number used by competitors (e.g. Aesculap, KLS Martin, Karl Storz, Medicon)

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