AS Family

Everything began with mutual trust. Today, we are a community, the AS family, characterised by our appreciation for each other, reliability and openness to a sense of solidarity – and we are successful. This success is based on the diverse range of different characters, opinions and talents, and truly enriches us. It’s simply "nice" to be part of it.

Picture of Tinnakorn & Pakorn Khunasit, Thailand

AS products not only match our intentions, they match customers' expectations.

Tinnakorn & Pakorn Khunasit, Thailand

Picture of Dieter Roth, INO, Swiss

We talk asipco.

Dieter Roth, Switzerland

Picture of Hirokazu Ueda, Japan

High performance containers with a perfect size range.

Hirokazu Ueda, Japan

Picture of Alfonso Castro, Colombia

For us, AS means quality, technology and precision.

Alfonso Castro, Colombia

Picture of Ann Watkin, New Zealand

By providing AS instruments we are supplying instrumentation worthy of our Surgeons expertise.

Ann Watkin, New Zealand

Picture of Joab Jenderiko Tarigan, Indonesia

Good quality and supply chain.

Jenderiko Tarigan, Indonesia