Care oil for instruments

Care oil for instruments

Medical Fluid 20 is a special vapor-permeable lubricating and care oil for reusable surgical instruments.

After cleaning and disinfection, joints, threads and sliding surfaces must be lubricated with approved instrument care oil in accordance with the manufacturer‘s instructions.

AS instrument care oil

Lubricate joints, threads and sliding surfaces with a minimal amount of Medical Fluid 20 on both sides. Remove excess oil with a lint-free cloth. By moving the lubricated joints several times, the oil can also reach hidden surfaces that are difficult to access. The 18 ml pen with metal tip is recommended for a precise lubrication of MIS and micro instruments.

The critical areas of surgical instruments include joints and sliding surfaces. If these critical areas are not lubricated, metal abrasion and damage to the passivation layer often occurs, resulting in fretting corrosion. The passivation layer can be maintained by consistently applying the medical fluid to the joints, threads and sliding surfaces. The oiling and the resulting film in the joints and sliding surfaces prevent strong adhesion of residues from the application. Effective cleaning is guaranteed and the need for subsequent cleaning is reduced.

• Very good lubricating properties
• Serves as temporary surface protection
• Protects the joints of e.g. scissors, clamps, needle holders etc. against fretting corrosion
• Protects sliding surfaces, e.g. on bone punches, rongeurs, etc. from fretting corrosion
• Tested biocompatibility acc. to DIN EN ISO 10993-5
• Suitable for steam sterilization processes acc. to ISO 17665-1
• Permeable to steam
• Silicone-free
• Compatible with all materials acc. to DIN EN ISO 7153-1
• Does not cause discoloration on surfaces
• Class 1 Medical Device certified in conformity to MDR 745/2017
• CE marking

The instrument care oil is available in 3 types:

REF 56-920-10
Medical Fluid 20
Pen with metal tip Ø 0,7 mm, 18 ml 1

REF 56-920-15
Medical Fluid 20
Dropper bottle, 50 ml 2

REF 56-920-20
Medical Fluid 20
Plastic bottle, 1000 ml

The flyer (PDF) is available in our MEDIA LIBRARY.

Medical Fluid 20 - Pen with metal tip & dropper bottle

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